Friendship and companionship

The difference between friendship and companionship lies in the intimacy of the relationship . The relationship that companionship creates is universal, on the other hand, the relationship that friendship generates is particular. Fellowship is the value of being a good person by helping acquaintances without the need to interweave a more intimate bond , on the other hand, friendship is a broader

Twins and twins

The difference between Twins and Twins is that Twins (Identical Twins) are originated from the same ovum and sperm and Twins (Fraternal Twins) are originated from different ovules and sperm . Twins Twins Designation Identical twins Fraternal Cufflinks Gynecological term Monozygotic twins Dizygotic twins Fertilization A single egg and a single sperm Two fertilized eggs with two sperm ADN Twins share the exact

Norm and rule

A norm is a collective consensus, created to regulate the behavior of individuals in a society. A rule is a formal guideline of a social or legal nature, the breach of which is morally or legally penalized. Rule Rule Definition Convention created to regulate life in society. Convention that must be fulfilled in a specific

Endocytosis and exocytosis

The endocytosis is the transport of particles and substances inside the cell, while the exocytosis is intracellular transporting material outward. Both processes are due to the cell’s need to maintain an exchange of materials with its environment for its survival. Both endocytosis and exocytosis are mechanisms involved in the transport of materials across the plasma membrane. This is a type of

Kinetic and potential energy

The kinetic energy is the energy associated with movement and potential energy is the energy associated with the position in a system. Energy, in general, is the ability to do work. Both kinetic and potential energy represent the two fundamental types of existing energy . Any other energy is a different version of kinetic or potential energy or a combination of both. For example, mechanical energy

The gaseous state and plasma

Gases and plasmas are states of matter, that is, ways in which the components of matter are organized, distributed and interact in a given space. In the case of gases , their components are dispersed, trying to occupy as much space as possible. Plasma , on the other hand, is partially ionized gas. Gases Plasma Definition State of matter

Monocots and dicots

The monocots are flowering plants whose seeds have one cotyledon and dicots are those flowering plants whose seeds have two cotyledons. A cotyledon is a leaf-like structure found in the seed, it is an embryonic leaf. Within the plant kingdom, those seed plants are divided into gymnosperms and angiosperms. Angiosperms are the group of plants that have flowers, within which we

Rap And Hip Hop

The difference between rap and hip hop is that rap is one of the expressions of hip hop , while the latter is a whole culture that encompasses other aspects in addition to the musical part. Rap is a musical genre of American origin characterized by the use of vocal rhymes. Hip hop is a culture that includes various artistic expressions

Types of triangles

The types of triangles are differentiated by the size of their sides and by the measure of their internal angles . Remember that the triangle is a polygon with three sides, connected by its three vertices that form three angles. Types of triangles Triangle Name Characteristic According to the size of its sides Isosceles Two sides of equal

Acculturation and transculturation

The difference between acculturation and transculturation is that acculturation is the process of assimilation of a new culture through cultural contact, while transculturation expands this process, incorporating the loss of elements and the creation of a new cultural identity. What is acculturation? In the social sciences, acculturation indicates the process of assimilation of cultural traits or