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Types of respiration

As you read this, you are breathing oxygen and emitting carbon dioxide simultaneously. Did you notice this? It is an action that you do continuously and unconsciously. To put it in scientific terms, what is happening is a process called respiration . Read on to learn more about existing breath types . Aerobic respiration Anaerobic respiration Definition Aerobic respiration is a type of cellular

System and apparatus

The terms system and apparatus are often confused. Understanding and discovering better the differences between some scientific terms is fundamental for many of us and for this reason, we wanted to talk about the diversity that exists between the apparatus and the system. Let’s find out what they are and how to distinguish them. The apparatus is a set of organs

Pandemic and epidemic

Pandemic and epidemic are two terms that usually seem similar but are not. A pandemic is an epidemic that has spread globally to various countries and continents of the world. Today we will know the differences between both concepts. Pandemic Epidemic Definition Worldwide spread of a new disease. Disease that spreads in a population for a certain time. Characteristics -Affects a number of people -Cause

Advantages and disadvantages of transgenic foods

The transgenic foods are those having in its composition at least one ingredient derived from an organism which have been applied modifications or genetic techniques , ie that is not itself of the original species. GMOs are organisms that have been modified through genetic engineering in which one or more genes from other species have been introduced. Next we will learn more about

Oviparous, viviparous and ovoviviparous animals

The different modes of reproduction in animals are classified based on how they give birth to their young, this includes viviparous, oviparous and ovoviviparous . Apart from this, animals also have different types of reproduction, be it sexual or asexual . In this article we are going to explain how animals reproduce and the different existing types. We will also include examples

Exocytosis and endocytosis

The exocytosis is intracellular transport material outwardly; while endocytosis consists of the transfer of particles and substances into the cell. An essential economy for the cell to relate to its environment and survive. Exocytosis Endocitosis Definition Cellular mechanism to release or export content to the extracellular medium. Cellular mechanism to trap substances from the extracellular environment. Process Intracellular vesicles fuse with

Bacteria and archaea

Archaea and bacteria are two types of microorganisms that belong to the category of prokaryotes. However, not all of them are prokaryotic. Previously, archaea were classified as bacteria, but no longer, because both have been found to have different biochemistry and different evolutionary history. Read on to find the differences between them! Arches Bacteria Definition Archaea are a group


The DNA and RNA are essential acids for stocks of organisms. The DNA is deoxyribonucleic acid and the RNA is ribonucleic acid . Both have the fundamental structure that are nucleotides, composed of a five-carbon sugar or pentose, a phosphate and a nitrogenous base. The nucleotides connected to each other form polynucleotide chains . Talking about how some scientific terms differ is very important. In

Hear and listen

The terms hear and listen are often misunderstood. In reality it is one thing to hear and another to listen, although in colloquial language they apply interchangeably. We will clear the doubts by differentiating the two terms. “Hearing” refers only to the sense of hearing, while  “hearing” is the action of “hearing” done with will and conscience. It follows that one can