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Algorithm and program

An algorithm is a set of ordered, finite, and delimited instructions that are created in order to systematically describe the execution of a task. Algorithms are in common use on a day-to-day basis, and can be found in user manuals, instructions for executing a plan, or guides for executing processes. However, the use of the term


The ripping is to extract the audiovisual content of a medium or container , digital or physical, to another medium. Ripped files are generally distributed over the Internet. The difference between the various types of rips is due to the original source or medium, from which the audiovisual content was extracted. A CAMRip refers to the audiovisual content being captured during a screening, usually in a movie theater . A ripped HDTS is similar to


CC and Bcc are two fields or boxes available in email systems that allow you to add recipients to a message , either visibly or not. The difference between CC and Bcc is that although both boxes are used to add new recipients to the same message, in the case of CC, both the main and secondary

Device and system

The terms apparatus and system are two different words that are often used interchangeably on countless occasions because people associate and use them incorrectly. To begin with, both the word apparatus and system have unequal meanings and characteristics , so it is necessary to state what their main differences are and how they should be used correctly.

Hibernate and suspend

Hibernate , in computing, is an action that allows the user to put his computer in a power saving mode in such a way as if it were turned off, although it is not. Sleep , meanwhile, is a power saving mode that allows computers to use minimal resources while they are still on. The difference between

Internet and web

The terms internet and web are related and interdependent, however, they are different concepts. Despite this, there are many occasions when people tend to confuse these terms, internet and web, mistakenly considering both as synonyms. In principle, the emergence of the internet is prior to that of the web. The internet had its origin in the year 1960, approximately,

Modem and router

A modem is a device that encodes the analog signal of the Internet provider and converts it into a digital signal so that it can be used. A router is a device that is connected to the modem and allows the connection of devices to the Internet. The difference between modem and router is that

Input and output devices

The input and output devices or input / output units are the physical equipment connected to the computer. These devices allow information to be communicated between the user and the computer or to handle an information medium. They are also called computer peripherals or input and output peripherals because they are separate from the central processing

Computer generations

There are five generations of computers, classified according to their components or technology used: vacuum tubes, transistors, integrated circuits, microprocessors and artificial intelligence. A generation of computers is a period in which a group of devices with similar technology, characteristics and capabilities are launched on the market, even if they are from different manufacturers. When a

Hardware y software

The hardware is the structure that gives physical support to the computer while the software is the operational support . Together, hardware and software are essential elements for the operation of the computer and other electronic devices. For example, the screen where we read the information and the mouse we use to navigate this page are hardware . The Internet browser or browser to visit this page and