Internet and web

The terms internet and web are related and interdependent, however, they are different concepts. Despite this, there are many occasions when people tend to confuse these terms, internet and web, mistakenly considering both as synonyms.

In principle, the emergence of the internet is prior to that of the web. The internet had its origin in the year 1960, approximately, with the name of ARPANet. It was intended to give a faster response to the organization of data and the use of computer equipment.

At that time, the advanced research agency in the United States successfully made the first connection between two computers, which was later used for government and university uses.

Years later, the British scientist Tim Berners-Lee developed in the 1990s the World Wide Web , known as the web, which is a system for transferring hypertexts through the Internet.



The internet is a computer system that forms a large global communication network , through which millions of people are interconnected through various services that offer the connection.

Internet features

  • It is made up of a centralized set of communication networks interconnected through the TPC / IP protocol, through which information is exchanged between devices.
  • Intangible system that is described as a large spider web made up of the networks of devices such as computers, cables, routers , cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices.
  • It is a universal and free system that allows any type of information to be shared, some protected by Copyright, and others freely accessible.
  • It allows you to exchange or consult various types of data through browsers or web pages, such as texts, images, videos, maps, among others.
  • Thanks to the services offered from the internet, interpersonal relationships have been modified through social networks, text messages, emails.
  • It is a system whose growth has been unstoppable and which has allowed the development of new concepts, professions, services and paradigms for creating and searching for information.
  • It is a comprehensive system that allows, in addition to sharing information, the possibility of conducting business and various national and international commercial activities.

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The web or World Wide Web is a system that works through the internet , by which various types of data can be transmitted through the Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP, which are the links of web pages.

Characteristics of the web

  • It is a system through which information is managed that will be shared over the internet.
  • It is necessary to have an internet connection on the computer or mobile device to be able to consult the web, such as Google, Mozilla, Safari, Youtube, and other web browsers.
  • Internet tool that allows access to a large number of content that in turn directs us to other pages, and so on.
  • For its creation, the computer language HTML ( Hypertext Markup Language ) is used, a markup language that allows you to create documents to share over the internet.
  • It uses the Uniform Resource Locator or URL system, which is the specific address that determines each of the resources found on the network. In other words, it is an identifier of its own for each page, document, file, among others, found on the web.

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