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Types of discrimination

Discrimination is a negative behavior of the human being from the moment that it implies treating the discriminated against as inferior, undervaluing and despising him, putting him aside. There are a multitude of types of discrimination . Next we count each one of them. Discrimination Definition Discrimination is a social behavior based on the unequal and pejorative drinking of

10 Causes and consequences of migration

The movement of people from their home to another city, state, or country in search of work, shelter, or other reasons is called migration . Today, many people decide to migrate to have a better life, making job opportunities the most common reason why people do so. In turn, the lack of opportunities, the search for better education, globalization, natural disasters

Positive law and current law

The law , in a broad sense, is the set of principles and rules that govern a given society. Their classification can be extremely varied if they are spoken of as unavoidable for a person, if their creation and other traits are taken into account. Within these great conceptualizations there is an extremely important difference: that of positive law

40 examples of morals and ethics

The ethics and morality has different meanings, ethics is related to the study based moral values that guide human behavior in society, while morality are the customs, rules, taboos and conventions established by the company. Affair ethic Moral Concept Theorizes about the principles that should govern human behavior It refers to the practices and customs established according

Types of fundamental social values

Values ​​are the principles, virtues or qualities that characterize a person , that is, an action that is considered of great importance for a social group. They are the qualities that drive us to act in one way or another or determine what we consider correct or incorrect. This is how values ​​characterize us, they relate us

Machismo and feminism

The Machismo makes a set of attitudes and thoughts (perhaps without the systematic nature of an ideology) that account for the superiority of men over women; the feminism , however, is an ideological movement that a priori conscious advocates for gender equality, both in the social sphere, as a cultural, political and economic. Machismo Feminism Definition Machismo is a set of attitudes

16 Castes of New Spain

The caste system is an ancient term that Spain used during the administration of its possessions in America, where they would have classified people by race and ethnic cross to organize a stratified social system. 16 Castes of New Spain Caste % Español % Indio % Negro Mestizo (Spanish + India) 50 50 0 Castizo (Mestizo +

Human and fundamental rights

Human rights refer to inalienable guarantees universally enshrined, regardless of the type of person and the nation in which they live; Fundamental rights, on the other hand, refer to guarantees enshrined in the same country, that is, they enjoy a certain localism that is exhibited in its constitution and indigenous regulations. Human rights Fundamental rights Definition

Incident and accident

Incident and accident are close terms, to the point that they are often confused. However, there are differences: an incident is an event that may or may not cause damage; while an accident is an event that generates material and human damage of varying severity. Accident Accident Definition It is a potentially harmful event. That is, it does

Branches of geography

The geography is the science that deals with the study and description of the planet Earth . It is a broad science that is interested in landscapes, territories, places, regions, populations and the ways in which these elements are interrelated. Geography is one of the most widely applied sciences in the different development fields of the world. It has different branches or disciplines that we will explain