What is our goal?

Differentiator is a website created to help people discover the differences and similarities between various topics, concepts or ideas in a clear, easy and simple way.

About us?

The website and all its contents belong to the company 7Graus Lda . We are a web company that creates content that improves the lives of millions of people around the world. We believe that we can make a difference in the lives of our users and that motivates us to go further and further. Therefore, we have a team of editors specialized in various topics and subjects to produce, review and edit all content.

Editorial team

Ana Zita : graduated in Bioanalysis from the Central University of Venezuela, with a doctorate in Biochemistry from the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research. Researcher with more than ten years of experience in institutions and universities, she currently divides her time between writing educational content with scientific agriculture.

Isbel Delgado : graduated in Social Communication from the Central University of Venezuela (2006), with a postgraduate degree in Digital Journalism from the Monteávila University (2012). For ten years he dedicated himself to journalism for important Venezuelan magazines and for four years he has been creating digital content.

Fabián Coelho : professional of letters, graduated from the Universidad de Los Andes. Passionate reader of literature, history and philosophy. He has worked creating, writing and correcting in editions, advertising, journalism and digital content.

Ever Arrieta : Bachelor of Philosophy (2009) from the National University of Costa Rica; and a master’s degree in history, international relations and cooperation (2013), in translation and linguistic services (2015) and in multimedia (2017) from the University of Porto; with additional training in performing arts and interest in issues related to migration, culture and gender studies. Since 2014, he has been dedicated to translation and writing. He has been a professor of philosophy, a photographer awarded first place for a photograph of Ponte Luiz I, by the Gaia Chamber of Tourism (Porto, Portugal). In addition, he is a producer of amateur videos, thanks to his great love for cinema.

Zara Lugo : graduated in social communication, journalism mention, from the Santa Rosa Catholic University (2014), specializing in communication and negotiation strategies from the Ibero-American Institute of the University of Salamanca (2013). Passionate about reading, writing, social networks and cinema. He maintains a YouTube channel where he uploads videos on the most varied topics.

Eliza Arias : Bachelor of Arts (2007) and Magister Scientiae in Linguistics (2013) from the Universidad de Los Andes. Professor of morphology and syntax and language and communication since 2013, and researcher attached to the Center for Linguistic Research and Attention (CIAL) in the same university. He specializes in the areas of oral speech syntax, literary text linguistics, rhetoric, and figures.

Caterina Kuo Chen : graduate in Communication Sciences from the University of the Americas (2006), with a postgraduate degree in Management Strategies and Control from the University of Chile (2008); His experience in purchasing and contract management since 2007, both in the telecommunications area and in international organizations in the science area, adds to his love for art and letters.

Adriana Morales Gamboa : Graduated in Letters from the Central University of Venezuela (2008), with a Master’s Degree in Management and Cultural Policies (2016) and a Diploma in Book Publishing (2011). Experience in book publishing and content creation from 2008 to the present. He loves to read, have a good coffee and appreciate nature.

Confidentiality and privacy

The Differentiator website receives and stores information from your browser on our servers, including your IP address or references of the page that has been searched. uses cookies and other technologies to record your online experience and to learn how our services are used in order to improve the quality of our content.

Very important: no data collected, including email address, is shared with third parties. Our sole purpose is to continue offering the best possible content to each user.

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The only way to finance this website is the sale of space for online advertising.

Why do we have advertising? Well, so that the project can continue to produce high quality content and totally free for our users. Advertising finances the content production team, website hosting costs and technical maintenance.

Advertising is always properly identified and separated from the content that is the responsibility of the website.

Editorial independence

The content and editorial guidelines of the website are completely independent of advertising. We do not have sponsored content, and the products or services mentioned in the content are made based on independent editorial criteria.

Supplementary Notice

All content on this site is for informational purposes only and should not be considered complete or up-to-date, just as it is not intended to be used as a substitute for legal, financial, medical or other professional advice. The contents are provided without warranty of any kind. The entire risk of the use of the contents is assumed by the user.