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Rap And Hip Hop

The difference between rap and hip hop is that rap is one of the expressions of hip hop , while the latter is a whole culture that encompasses other aspects in addition to the musical part. Rap is a musical genre of American origin characterized by the use of vocal rhymes. Hip hop is a culture that includes various artistic expressions

Reggaeton and trap

Reggaetón is a Latin musical genre that mixes Caribbean rhythms and reggae . Trap is a musical genre of American origin that mixes rap, hip hop and electronic music. Reggaeton and trap differ in their origins, their musical bases, the themes of their lyrics and the way they dance. Reggaeton Trap Definition Musical genre of Latin origin that mixes Jamaican and

How to quote?

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Positive and negative feedback

Every day, on television or on social media, we regularly hear the word feedback or feedback accompanied by “negative or positive” or the expression “increased feedback or little feedback.” But do you know what the situation means or associate, the topic you are talking about at the end to understand its meaning? If you have doubts, don’t worry, you have opened

Equity and equality

In the context of social systems such as education, politics, and government, the terms equity and equality have similar but slightly different meanings. Equality refers to scenarios in which all segments of society have the same levels of opportunity and support. Equity broadens the concept of equality to include the provision of different levels of support based on individual

Informational text and literary text

This time we will present the differences between informational texts and literary texts . First you will find a table where you can visualize the characteristics of both terms, followed by a large amount of information so that you can fully understand what each one is about. Let’s get started! Informative text Literary text What is it It is

Organic and inorganic compounds

The main difference between the two classes of substances is that organic compounds always contain the element carbon, while most inorganic compounds lack this element. Because there are inorganic compounds that contain carbon, the presence of carbon is not enough to classify a compound as organic. With very few exceptions, organic compounds contain carbon atoms attached to hydrogen atoms to form