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Indian and indigenous

The difference between Indian and indigenous is that Indian is the gentilicio of those born in India , on the other hand, indigenous is the original or native inhabitant of a place . The word Indian is also considered a synonym of indigenous and, despite being accepted and disseminated, it is originally a misconception that begins when Christopher Columbus uses it to name

Friendship and companionship

The difference between friendship and companionship lies in the intimacy of the relationship . The relationship that companionship creates is universal, on the other hand, the relationship that friendship generates is particular. Fellowship is the value of being a good person by helping acquaintances without the need to interweave a more intimate bond , on the other hand, friendship is a broader

Norm and rule

A norm is a collective consensus, created to regulate the behavior of individuals in a society. A rule is a formal guideline of a social or legal nature, the breach of which is morally or legally penalized. Rule Rule Definition Convention created to regulate life in society. Convention that must be fulfilled in a specific

Acculturation and transculturation

The difference between acculturation and transculturation is that acculturation is the process of assimilation of a new culture through cultural contact, while transculturation expands this process, incorporating the loss of elements and the creation of a new cultural identity. What is acculturation? In the social sciences, acculturation indicates the process of assimilation of cultural traits or

Custom and tradition

The difference between custom and tradition lies in the form of its manifestation, in its form of transmission, in the number of people who adopt it and the time it is considered as such . In this sense, the custom is associated with a daily routine or individual habit, acquired by particular inclinations of the character of each family

Harassment and bullying

The harassment is an aggressive or violent behavior, in which the aggressor constantly attacked the victim with the intent to intimidate, control or cause damage. The bullying refers to a form of harassment that happens within the school context, usually between classmates. Bullying Bullying Definition It is an aggressive or violent behavior, against an individual or group, which is

Harassment, assault and sexual abuse

The sexual harassment is behavior that a person makes unwanted advances of a sexual nature toward another person. It can be presented in the workplace, educational context, as well as in the street or public spaces. A sexual assault is an action of a sexual nature against a person, without their consent, in which there is physical contact and use of force, physical violence, threats

Castes of New Spain

The castes of New Spain were a system of social, economic and political hierarchy that prevailed in the American continent during European colonization (15th century) and that lasted until the 17th century. The castes were made up of different ethnic and social groups that little by little were integrated to give way to new castes and a

Rights and obligations of children

Children’s rights are all legal provisions created to protect the freedoms of minors. The obligations of children are a series of responsibilities that they must fulfill to establish the foundations of a healthy coexistence with their peers, with their family and their community. The rights and obligations of children are taken from the Convention on the

Love and love

To love is to feel love for something or someone. It is used in very close ties: parents and children, best friends and partners, where its use is most popular. Wanting is wanting, feeling the need to have something or someone, or failing that, some aspect of it: their attention, their time, their love, etc. The difference between