Friendship and companionship

The difference between friendship and companionship lies in the intimacy of the relationship . The relationship that companionship creates is universal, on the other hand, the relationship that friendship generates is particular.

Fellowship is the value of being a good person by helping acquaintances without the need to interweave a more intimate bond , on the other hand, friendship is a broader term than companionship, since it implies a relationship built in the long term .

Both friendship and companionship are based on values ​​of solidarity, empathy, respect and tolerance.

Companionship arises, for example, in times of crisis where people have to support each other and work as a team. Whether at work or outside of it, companionship helps the other without expecting anything in return and without the need to meet people.

The key to friendship is knowing the other. Friendship is a bond of unconditional love where companionship arises from the feeling of helping whoever we love. Friendship demands loyalty, sincerity, commitment, and reciprocity.

Those who are in a relationship of friendship are called friends, which derives from the Latin meaning to love. In this sense, friendship is for friends and companionship for acquaintances.

When companionship and friendship come together in a group with some kind of organization and perseverance, they are called fraternity.

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