Types of triangles

The types of triangles are differentiated by the size of their sides and by the measure of their internal angles . Remember that the triangle is a polygon with three sides, connected by its three vertices that form three angles.

Types of trianglesTriangle NameCharacteristic
According to the size of its sidesIsoscelesTwo sides of equal size.
EquilateralAll three sides are equal in size.
ScaleneThe three sides have different measurements.
According to their anglesAcute angleAll three angles measure less than 90º .
Obtuse angleOne of the angles measures more than 90º .
RectangleOne of the angles measures 90º .

Types of triangles according to their sides

A triangle is a three-sided polygon. Depending on the measure and the relationship of the sides to each other, we have different types of triangles:

  • Isosceles triangle : has two sides of equal size.
  • Equilateral triangle : the three sides measure the same and therefore the three angles are equal.
  • Scalene triangle : its three sides have different measurements.

Types of triangles according to their angles

A triangle has three internal angles, which in total add up to 180º. According to the measure of the angles, the triangles can be:

  • Acute triangle : the three angles measure less than 90º, that is, they are acute angles.
  • Right triangle : one of the angles of the triangle measures 90º, that is, it is a right angle.
  • Obtuse triangle : one of the angles is an obtuse angle, that is, greater than 90º.

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