Examples of hypotheses

The hypotheses are established in the form of an affirmative proposition, in the future simple or in the conditional. They are stated in the form of an assumption that something is believed to be feasible and true. A hypothesis is not posed in the form of a question, in addition the hypotheses must be falsifiable , that is, they must be formulated in a clear way that allows the construction of an experiment that can potentially corroborate or refute the hypothesis.

What is it?The hypothesis tells us what we are looking for or what we want to verify and can be defined as tentative explanations of the phenomenon under investigation formulated as propositions.
Steps for your planning
  1. Identify the problem
  2. Identify how AND what is known
  3. Identify as X what is unknown
  4. Write an assumption of why it happens AND
  5. Write an assumption that includes what is known and as an assumption adds what you do not know.
  • Research Hypothesis
  • Null hypotheses
  • Alternative Hypotheses
  • Statistical Hypothesis
  • Research or Work Hypothesis

How to make a hypothesis correctly

The steps to formulate a hypothesis are: gather information, compare it, give possible explanations, choose the most probable explanation and formulate one or more hypotheses, or not.

Hypothesis is an unverified statement, which is attempted to confirm or refute. If confirmed, the hypothesis is called a verified statement. The hypothesis is a conjecture that requires testing with experience. For her, persuasive arguments, however elaborate, are not enough. It is known that from certain hypotheses others can be deduced and certain basic statements can be reached

Examples of hypotheses in …

1.The life expectancy of dogs

A first hypothesis would be that the life expectancy of dogs is 14 years. In order to formulate it, we will have to have verified the age at which most of the dogs die according to the records. Once the data is collected, we will take the average to verify that these animals actually die when they reach a figure of around 14 years of age.

2.On Mars there was liquid water

In this case it is evident that you cannot travel back and verify that water existed on Mars, but you can base your statement on evidence that exists today as geographical features that could have been generated by the course of rivers.

3.Each generation is smarter than the last

Here, to know if this hypothesis is true, it must be verified by comparing the IQ studies of the different generations to confirm the hypothesis.

4.Diamond is the hardest mineral

To check if diamond is the hardest mineral, geologists will have to check the hardness of all known minerals, if diamond turns out to be the hardest of all then the hypothesis will be true.

5. The vote in favor of the bretix was higher in rural areas

This affirmation could be corroborated once all the votes had been counted and a map by zones was made.

6.It is possible to condition insects

This hypothesis makes it possible to apply the learning method to insects. The studies to verify it will be directed to carry out investigations where some of these species of insects are conditioned.

7.Vitamin C improves the immune system

The study would involve the application of this vitamin in a study group compared to another group that would not be given this vitamin.

8.The freezing point of mercury is -38.83 ° C

This hypothesis is quick to respond since it is necessary to bring the material to that temperature and corroborate.

9 millions of years ago there was a primeval continent

This hypothesis is difficult to verify because it is a past fact, but research suggests that this hypothesis is correct.

10.Legislation of abortion in Catholic countries against Protestants

To check whether the hypothesis is correct or not, it would be necessary to review the laws of Catholic countries and that of Protestants and establish a comparison.

11 Chimpanzees have a theory of mind

The way to demonstrate this hypothesis is to empirically test with some animals whether they pass certain tests.

12.The cheetah can reach 130 km per hour

It can be corroborated by making measurements by chasing a cheetah in the open field.

13. Black holes emit radiation.

There are several investigations that demonstrate this hypothesis.

14.There is phosphane gas in the atmosphere of Venus

There are recent studies that indicate and try to verify this hypothesis.

15 Participation in elections will exceed 70%

The only way to test this hypothesis is to wait for the count and see if that figure is reached.

16 dogs can learn by imitation

There are several studies that prove this hypothesis as true.

Examples of hypotheses in …

17 The blue whale is the largest animal in the world

This hypothesis has so far been proven correctly, no species that exceeds the length of the blue whale has yet been found.

The escape velocity from the earth is 11.19 km / h

This hypothesis was based on calculations, later verified when rockets were launched into the atmosphere.

19 The deepest place on Earth is the Mariana Trench

This hypothesis states that there is no point deeper than this, research shows it.

Examples of hypotheses in …

20.The continent with the highest birth rate is Africa

This hypothesis can be verified by establishing a comparison between the five continents and verifying that Africa is the largest of them.

21.Breathing exercises reduce anxiety

This hypothesis can be verified with an experimental group against a control group.

22 Homo sapiens emerged more than 300,000 years ago

There is research that shows the existence of homo sapiens within that figure.

23 Pluto takes 247 years to complete the translation.

The way to check this hypothesis is to perform different calculations carried out by astronomers.

24.The Dutch are the tallest Europeans.

We can corroborate the hypothesis by comparing the average height indices of the different countries in Europe and see if the Netherlands is higher than them.

25.The highest mountain in the Solar Site is Mount Olympus

The different observations corroborate this hypothesis since no elevation of the terrain greater than Mount Olympus has been found.

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