Twins and twins

The difference between Twins and Twins is that Twins (Identical Twins) are originated from the same ovum and sperm and Twins (Fraternal Twins) are originated from different ovules and sperm .

DesignationIdentical twinsFraternal Cufflinks
Gynecological termMonozygotic twinsDizygotic twins
FertilizationA single egg and a single spermTwo fertilized eggs with two sperm
ADNTwins share the exact same DNATwins do not share the same DNA
SexTwins are always the same sexTwins can have the same sex or opposite sexes
ExampleTwins Mary-Kate and Ashley OlsenActress Scarlett Johansson and her brother Hunter Johansson

Twins (Identical Twins)

The twins or identical twins born from the same labor and its genesis is common to all a sperm fertilizes an ovum to form a zygote. The zygote turns into twins when it divides and separates a few days after fertilization. That is why twins share exactly the same DNA , therefore they are always of the same sex .

In gynecological terms, identical twins are called monozygotic twins as they originate from a zygote. Twins may or may not share the same bag. When twins share the same bag and also share some organs they are called Siamese twins.

Twins (Fraternal Twins)

The twins , also called fraternal twins are two eggs fertilized by different sperm within the same menstrual cycle due to double ovulation. In gynecological terms, it is called a dizygotic twin when two zygotes originate. The twins develop completely independently, that is, always in different bags.

Thanks to advances in science and technology, today it is already possible to know if you have a twin pregnancy in the first ultrasound, around 6 weeks of gestation.

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