Science and Technology

While science at heart is concerned with understanding how the world around us is created and how it works, technology and engineering have the less formal purpose of transforming this knowledge into objects and processes that are useful in practice. And the practical utility often translates into making big money for the shareholders of the company the engineer works for.

We cannot honestly establish which is of greater importance between science and technology ; in reality they are complementary, because science is the basis of technology, but without the latter the former would remain an end in itself. That is, inextricably linked. Then there is a feedback loop, as scientific discoveries allow engineers to build new devices, which in turn can be used for future discoveries.

 Actions  Discover, know  Make, invent
 Natural phenomena Study and discover them Use them
 To knowledge It creates it Apply it
 Effects edit Positive Positives or Negatives
 Strategy Scientific method Design

Although science and technology are different, they are inextricably linked. If science is the continual search for an explanation, or a better explanation for a question of a human being, technology develops from the discoveries of science and is used in turn to achieve later results.

What is science:

The science can be defined as the practical application of elaborations and mental calculations based on abstractions, past experiences or results of other experiments. Science studies natural phenomena. Science is, therefore, a method used by man to increase and increase his knowledge by explaining the phenomena that he does not know with continuous questioning and without being discouraged from previous results.

The scientific community recognizes itself in a method that guarantees measurable and, above all, replicable results, called the scientific method. Science has accompanied the evolution of man himself, developing and crossing with culture, art and history, experiencing moments of great progress and moments of complete obscurantism.

What is technology:

The technology represents any tool capable of enhancing human capabilities, making use of natural phenomena. During the history of mankind, technologies have evolved in parallel with man’s survival or expansion needs and have allowed him, for example:

* Move faster and with less effort (wheel, car, car, motorization);
* Improve the ability to modify the territory (shovel, hoe, hammer and various tools, earthmoving machine).
* Communicate over long distances (smoke signals, light signals, telegraph, telephone, mobile phone, internet).
* Increase computer skills (abacus, calculator, computer);
* Increase storage and transmission capacity (writing, printing, electronic storage).
* More efficient cures (first aid, medications, surgical techniques).
Therefore, it is little to consider technology as an exclusive reference to electronic devices, seen as the extreme development of human technology.

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