Republicans and Democrats

The two most important parties in the US of America are Republicans and Democrats with very different views on government policies.

While the Democrats , with a liberal and leftist philosophy, defend state intervention in the economy, the Republicans are on the right, more conservative and support less state intervention. The funny thing is that both political parties have chosen as symbols animals, a donkey and an elephant.

Among the differences between Democrats and Republicans we can list in this table:

 PhilosophyLeft-wing, Liberals, ProgressivesRight wing, Conservatives
 Color representing the partyBlueRed
 Animal that represents themButterElephant
 Posture before abortionIt must be legalIt must not be legal
 Health policySupport government involvement in healthcare and support universal healthThey support the intervention of the services of private companies related to health
 RegulationsThey support State regulations for consumer protectionThey believe that state regulations impede free market capitalism and impede job growth


 Most popular presidentsFranklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter, Barack ObamaAbraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Richard Nixon, Donald Trump ( actual)
 Party founding date18241854
 Number of members43.1 million members30.7 million

Philosophy of the Democratic Party:

The Democratic Party believes in the benefits of the government’s role in society and that active participation benefits society, in the quality of life of citizens and that they can achieve goals and opportunities equally. In other words, they advocate the importance of equality and social and community responsibility.

Democratic Party symbol

The symbol of the Democratic party is a donkey . The choice of this animal was due to the fact that the party’s candidate in 1828 was Andrew Jackson, who was nicknamed “the donkey” for being stubborn and unintelligent. The donkey symbol was used as an electoral symbol because the donkey is actually a modest animal and works a lot. A few years later, the illustrator Thomas Nast began to draw it for the press and it finally became a symbol of the party.

Democratic Party Color

The color chosen by the Democrats is blue. In 1969 these parties began to be identified with these colors. The reason for choosing this color was because both Republicans and red began with this letter. While blue was applied for Democrats by discard because red and blue had been chosen to identify both parties in the vote-tally maps of that time (until then they had been the black and white maps).

History of the Democratic Party

It is the first political party of the two and originated from the anti-federalist factions at the time of Independence. Among the organizers we can name Thomas Jefferson, James Madison among other federalist opponents.

Republican Party Philosophy:

The philosophy of the Republican party is inclined to support the individual freedoms of citizens. They attach importance to equality and social responsibility . They defend an active role for the state in society.

They support a government limited with respect to the number of people hired by the State. They consider that the intervention of this could be an obstacle for the growth of the Nation.

Republican Party symbol

The symbol of the Republican party is an elephant . The election of this animal by the Democratic party was in response to the donkey of the Republicans. The elephant symbolizes intelligence. The color chosen by the Republicans is red.

Republican Party History

The Republican party was founded in 1854 and the first president of this party was Abraham Lincoln. It must have endured the American Civil War and Reconstruction.

History of the two parties

In the United States, in fact, these two parties have a primarily electoral role and play a decisive role in the selection and nomination of candidates for the presidential election, the most important political appointment in the United States.
Republican Party , on the other hand, is the center-right conservative party that finds its values ​​in the “traditional family” and is almost never in favor of state interventions for the country’s economy.

Initially, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party were part of the same political party … And the question that arises is “How was it possible?” At that time, the two parties were able to “mix” because on both sides there were characters and lines of thought that were still a little “forceful” and not so opposed. However, the breakdown of the Democratic-Republican Party was inevitable and in 1912 it broke to give life to what are today the two largest parties in the United States of America, described above.

We must also point out that it is true that these are the two main parties of the United States, but this does not mean that within them the union always stands out. In fact, as in the Democratic Party, there are those who are more oriented towards conservatism, in the Republican there are those more oriented towards progressivism.

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