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Mattress measures single, double, queen, king size and others

The most common mattress measurements on the market are: Colchón individual / twin. Matrimonial / double mattress . Queen mattress . King mattress . Presidential king. California king. The sizes of each bed model tend to differ slightly depending on the country. For example, the measurements of mattresses in Mexico are very similar to those of Spain, but at the same time they differ from the measurements in the United

Paper sizes

There are two major classifications of paper measurements: European format : series A, B and C of the ISO 216 standard. American format : letter, legal and tabloid size. The European format is the most used in almost the whole world, and while the American format is especially popular in some countries of the American continent. The

Manga and anime

Manga are illustrated and printed stories. Anime are animated stories in the format of short films, series or films for cinema, traditional or digital television. The difference between manga and anime is the format. However, both are considered narrative and artistic expressions originating in Japan. Manga Anime Definition Illustrated and printed stories. Animated stories in traditional or

Paper sizes

Nowadays, paper plays a fundamental role in the printing jobs of the advertising and publishing sectors, for this reason it is very important to be able to know what paper formats exist, what are their types and the measurements of each one. Selecting the perfect paper is essential to be able to achieve a good printing job. Next we will know

Diagram and schematic

Diagram and scheme are two graphic tools to organize information and communicate it in an optimal way. Naturally, they have their differences and here we present them. Diagram  Scheme Definition A diagram is a plan or sketch whose main feature is to demonstrate how something works and also relationships. Graphic representation or configuration that serves to relate

Primary colors and secondary colors

The primary and secondary colors are part of the color wheel. The primary colors are red, blue and yellow, while the secondary colors are formed from the combination of these and are green, orange and purple. All colors that are seen and that are captured by the human being through the amount of color receptors found in our eyes.

Legal, Letter, Legal, Tabloid, Series A, B, and C paper sizes

There are different types of paper format manufactured by the industry. In most of the world the standard paper sizes come from those defined through the DIN 476 standard of the Deutsches Institut für Normung (German Institute for Standardization) or better known as DIN in 1922. The sheet of paper produced will have a size of one square meter and the measurement of