Mattress measures single, double, queen, king size and others

The most common mattress measurements on the market are:

  • Colchón individual / twin.
  • Matrimonial / double mattress .
  • Queen mattress .
  • King mattress .
  • Presidential king.
  • California king.

The sizes of each bed model tend to differ slightly depending on the country. For example, the measurements of mattresses in Mexico are very similar to those of Spain, but at the same time they differ from the measurements in the United States, since in that country mattresses tend to have larger dimensions and even special measurements that are out of the standards. commercial.


Standard mattress size

ModelWidth x length in cmWidth x length in inchesNumber of people
Colchón individual / twin100 x 19039,3 x 74,8A person.
Matrimonial / double mattress136 x 19053.5 x 74,8One or two people.
Queen mattress150 x 19059 x 74,8Ideal size for two people.
King mattress200 x 19078,7 x 74,8Two adults and a baby.
Colchón presidential king200 x 20078,7 x 78,7Two adults and a small child.
California king213 x 18383, 5 x 72Two adults and two babies or one older child.

Comparison between mattress measurements

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