Software y hardware

A computer system is divided into two categories: hardware and software . Hardware refers to the visible, physical components of the system, such as a monitor, CPU, keyboard, and mouse. Software, on the other hand, refers to a set of instructions that allow hardware to perform a specific series of tasks. The software must be installed on the hardware to function properly and similarly, the hardware must be present for the tasks to be performed. Both are interdependent, but they are also different from each other.



DefinitionHardware is a collection of physical parts of computers that actually executes instruction.Software is a program or set of instructions that the CPU must execute to perform its intended task.
DevelopmentA hardware is manufactured in, worth the redundancy, factories.It is designed by software development companies.
DependenceThe hardware cannot perform any task if it does not have software instructing it.A software cannot be run if the underlying hardware is not present.
TangibleA hardware can be played by being a physical electronic device.Software that is digital can be viewed but cannot be touched.
Categories:Hardware categories: input devices, output devices, storage devices, internal components of the CPU and the motherboard.Software categories: programming software, application software, operating systems.
Impact of the virusHardware is not affected by the virus.The software is affected by the virus as the main target.
Digital transferA hardware can only be physically transferred.The software can be transferred electronically.
ReplacementIf the hardware is damaged, it is replaced with a new one.If the software is damaged, it is reinstalled.

What is a Hardware

Hardware refers to the physical components of a computer or machine that we can see and touch . Contains circuit board, integrated circuits, or other electronic components in a computer system. It is a physical component that is used in different ways to build a computer or any other machine. Memory devices, processor, central processing unit, mouse, and keyboard are examples of computer system hardware.

On the other hand, the screen you are viewing this page on is the best example of the hardware, whether it is from the tablet, monitor, or smartphone. A computer system would not exist without any hardware and could not run any software . The image shows some examples of external peripherals, which allow users to input the computer.

What is a Software

The software consists of a series of procedures, instructions, and documentation that tells a computer exactly what to do or allows users to interact with a computer. For example, if a program such as Word is not installed on your computer, you will not be able to create or edit any documents in that format. Also, you cannot browse the Internet or visit any website if your system does not have navigation software. And it is not only there, the browser could not run on the computer without an operating system. Google Chrome, Photoshop, MS Word, Excel, MySQL, and more are software examples. The image shown below is an example of software, Google Chrome, which is a program for browsing the Internet.

Software is a collection of instructions that run on the computer, while hardware is a physical device that is used with or on the computer. On the other hand, the software cannot be touched and held in the hand , while the hardware can be touched and held in the hand.

Can a computer work without hardware?

At least a keyboard, video card, display, processor, hard drive, motherboard, memory, and power supply are required for most computers to function properly. Without a hard drive, screen, or keyboard, a computer system such as a thin client and server can be configured to work.

The computer does not turn on or fails when any of these devices are missing or not working properly. It is not necessary to include certain hardware such as a sound card, mouse, printer, network card, or speakers to make it work, but they do make the computer more capable.

Can a computer work without the software?

Yes, under most conditions, a computer can function without installing software . However, a computer does not provide an information output or fails if an operating system or interpreter is not found. The latter is required for a computer system to allow users and software to communicate with computer hardware. In addition to an operating system, installing software on the computer enables the computer to perform additional functions. For example, an MS-Excel is not a necessary program to run a computer, but it allows users to work on a spreadsheet.

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