Salary and salary

Many times the terms salary and salary are confused and are believed to be synonymous.

Although salary and salary refer to a remuneration in exchange for a job, it can be said that the Salary is a compensation for the number of hours or days worked while the Salary is a fixed salary that is received weekly, biweekly or monthly.

 Pay type Fixed agreed pay It is not fixed
 How to charge In a regular form It is not charged on a regular basis
 Based Amount previously agreed In unit of time

What is the salary:

The salary is agreed fixed pay and charged as regulated r. It is a previously agreed figure that is charged on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. The amount that the worker does not change even if there are holidays and he does not work. Obligations and rights are generated by both parties.The worker has the duty to comply with what is agreed, hours and days of work and has the right to receive remuneration for it in addition to vacations and rest days, etc. The one who provides the work has the obligation to comply with the terms and payments of the agreed salary that must correspond to the vital and mobile minimum established by law, plus a bonus. It can demand that the worker fulfill his functions and in the event that the worker is absent, demand certificates that endorse the absence.

What is the salary:

The salary is a monetary payment or compensation that is calculated based on the hours and days that the worker works , it is not a regular and fixed pay. It is a remuneration based on a unit of time. It is not a fixed pay that is charged on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis, but is a salary per hour, annual rate or productivity.

In case the worker does not work, for example on a holiday, he will not be paid that day.
The term salari or comes from the Latin salary, which means “portion of salt . ” This is because, in ancient Rome, legionaries and civil servants were often paid with a ration of salt, a precious commodity because, at the time, it was so hard to find.

Types of salary:

Although the salary is a sum that is fixed by work according to the hours or days that the person works, we can say that there are different types of salary.
* Base salary: Pay that a person receives periodically without taking into account any bonuses or premiums.
* Minimum salary : Pre-established minimum amount that a worker must receive for their working hours.

We can also talk about:

* Gross salary: Sum of the amounts that a worker receives both for his work and for supplements.
* Net salary : What the worker receives after deductions of social contributions and withholdings.
Depending on the way the salary is paid, it can be:
* Salary in cash: it is paid with current legal currency.
* Salary in kind: It is paid in a way that money is not involved, for example accommodation, food, vehicles, study grants, clothing, etc.
The terms salary and salary are often taken as synonymous terms, but their meaning is not the same.

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