Mitosis and meiosis

The mitosis and meiosis are different forms of cell division . They are different methods of sexual reproduction and DNA replication that we will go on to detail.

Both Mitosis and Meiosis are cell division processes that occur in all multicellular organisms, but they have different characteristics, some of them are:

  • In Mitosis the stem cell divides into two while in Meiosis the stem cell divides into four.
  • The Mitosi s lso occurs in asexual organisms and only Meiosis in sexually reproducing organisms.
  • In Mitosis, the daughter cells maintain the same number of chromosomes than the mother cell, in Mitosis , on the other hand, the daughter cells have half the chromosomes found in the mother cell.
 Division The stem cell divides into four equal cellsThe stem cell divides into two equal cells
 Number of chromosomes They retain half of the stem cell’s chromosomes They have the same number of chromosomes as the stem cell
 Where it happens Occurs in organisms of sexual reproduction It happens
 objective Create gametes necessary for sexual reproduction Generate cells in multicellular organisms and contribute to the reproduction of multicellular organisms

What is Mitosis:

Mitosis is the cell division that produces two daughter cells that are genetically identical to each other .

Goal of Mitosis

The objective dela Mitosis is to generate cells in multicellular organisms and participate in the reproduction of unicellular organisms.

Characteristics of Mitosis

One of the characteristics of Meiosis is that at the interface the homologous chromosomes are divided into the two daughter cells formed. With Mitosis, cells reproduce to repair a part of the body, for example, skin cells.

Stages of Mitosis

Stages of Mitosis: There are four phases in which a cell duplicates .




4- Telophase

What is Meiosis:

The Meiosis also known as gametogenesis. It is a form of cellular sexual reproduction where the cell divides into four equal daughter cells. In the Meiosis process the result is the formation of gametes or sex cells (sperm and ovum).

Target of Meiosis

The goal of Meiosis is to form gametes (ovum and sperm) that are needed for sexual reproduction.

Characteristics of Meiosis

The Meiosis , specialized form of cell division, has nine stages where the first stem cell divides into two, to re-divided into two, or form four cells containing half the amount of the original genetic material. The goal of Meiosis is to create sex cells or gametes with unique genetic material. Each cell has a set of haploid chromosomes that will be paired in the ion reproductive process, where the chromosomes will become diploid when the egg and sperm unite. They only take place in organisms with sexual reproduction.

Thanks to Meiosis the species can be perpetuated. In addition, a process of genetic ón takes place between the members of a species. In this way there is a wide variation in the characteristics of individuals of the same species. For example, in humans, blond, dark, red hair, blue, brown, green eyes, etc.

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