Mission and vision

The mission is the reason why something is done, while the vision refers to what you want to achieve in the future with what you are doing.

The main difference between one and the other is that the mission is immediate, precise and specific, since it is expected to be concretized in the present , while the vision can be more global and less specific, because it is a statement of what is aspired in the long term. .

In order to plan a mission, you must have a vision of where you are going. For this reason, the mission and the vision are declared at the same time and must be consistent with each other, since they both pursue the same objective.

MeaningFunction that is expected to be fulfilled in the present.Projection of what is expected to be achieved in the future.
CharacteristicsIt is concrete, precise and specific.It is clear, graphic and comprehensive.
Example“We are passionate about offering Mexican families well-being, through products and services of excellence, for the benefit of our people, shareholders, customers, suppliers and the community ” ( Nestlé).“Evolving from a respected and trusted food company to a respected and trusted food, nutrition, health and wellness company” (Nestlé).

What is mission?

It is the reason a function is performed. Although it can be defined on a personal level, this term is generally used within an organization, company or institution.

The mission can be defined precisely based on what is possible in the present . Therefore, it will depend on the current situation, the activity, the environment, the available resources and the needs to be covered.

At the corporate or institutional level, managers are the ones who make a mission statement. They take into account what they are, what they do, what their values ​​are, the goals they want to achieve and how to achieve them.

For this reason, the mission must reflect what the organization does, who it is addressing and how it fulfills its objective.

In addition, the mission is the one that indicates how the vision will be possible.

What is vision?

It is an ambitious prospect into the future, while remaining realistic . It must be related to the mission and reflected accordingly.

The vision plays a fundamental role in any personal or professional project that is visualized in the long term, since it reflects what are the aspirations, ideal expectations or the desirable state that one wants to achieve; it is the image that is posed in the future.

The current environment is taken into account to determine the vision, as it depends on the present situation to mark a starting point, taking into account unexpected events that may arise.

Although it is more generic than the mission, the vision must be clear, be aligned with the values ​​proclaimed and generate commitment. In addition, it can be emotional because it inspires and encourages in difficult situations.

With a clear objective you can conceptualize the mission and vision.

Mission and corporate vision

At the corporate level, both the mission and the vision must be aligned with the general objectives and work principles in order to move forward.

Both are statements that are sought to be summarized in phrases to transmit to the team members. Thus, people are framed in a context where they understand what to do and what to expect.

Sometimes, companies use the mission as an advertising slogan to reinforce the idea of the project, although ultimately it goes much further.

A work team feels more motivated when they know the direction where the project is headed, that is why the vision is extremely important, it serves as a guide and generates commitment .

The mission and vision can be determined by linking the means that are available to the goal where you want to go.

Examples of mission and vision



Organize the world’s information and make it useful and accessible to everyone.


To be the most prestigious search engine and the most important in the world.



To be the largest seller of athletic shoes and clothing in the world.


Bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete on the planet.

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