Science and Technology

The science is the set of disciplines which can obtain rational knowledge of natural phenomena, in a systematic, objective, verifiable and improved. The technology is all that process, method or instrument that serves as a means to solve a problem.

The difference between science and technology is that science studies natural phenomena and technology makes use of natural phenomena .

There is a symbiotic relationship between science and technology : they benefit from each other. However, we must not confuse science with technology. Science is based on the scientific method as a research strategy; technology can be a method, a process, or a piece of equipment.

ProductNew knowledge.New inventions, better products.
StrategyScientific method.Design.
Natural phenomenaHe studies, discovers and explains them.He uses them and takes advantage of them.
KnowledgeIt creates it.Applies it.
Key verbsKnow, discoverMake, invent.
Effects editPositivePositives or negatives.
ExamplesPhysics, chemistry, biology, mathematicsGPS system, magnetic levitation, solar panels, printing press.

What is science?

We can define science as the set of disciplines that allow obtaining rational knowledge of natural phenomena, in a systematic, objective, verifiable and improvable way.

Science examples


Mathematics is a formal science that deals with abstract objects, with which the behavior of the real is described. It is an indispensable instrument of the other sciences and also of technology.


Physics is one of the natural sciences with the widest spectrum of action. The main objective of physics is to try to explain how our Universe works and thanks to it, valuable and novel technologies have been developed.


Biology is the science in charge of studying living things. It ranges from microscopic beings such as bacteria and protozoa, to the interrelation that exists between living beings. Thanks to biology we know why we get sick and what are the treatments to improve our health.

What is technology?

Technology encompasses the means that by manipulating natural phenomena, allows us to put these phenomena at our service to solve problems.

Technology is much older than science. When prehistoric man hunted with the use of bow and arrow, he was using technology to feed himself. Only many centuries later were the physical laws that explained the phenomenon of elastic energy discovered.

The development and creation of new technologies in modern society is due to the effort of scientific research. For this reason, investment in scientific and technological research is key for the development of countries.

Technology examples


Metallurgy comprises a wide range of technologies with which minerals are extracted from deposits and processed for later use. Along with agriculture, metallurgy is one of the oldest technologies of mankind.

Magnetic levitation

With magnetic levitation it is possible to lift a train above the railroad tracks thanks to the application of enormous magnetic fields. This technology is the result of studies in the physics of superconductors, materials that when cooled to 0 K lose their electrical resistance.


The first vaccination was carried out in 1798 by Dr. Edward Jenner, studying the protective effect of cowpox against smallpox in humans. With the implementation of this technology, millions of humans and animals have survived the attack of infectious agents that, until less than two hundred years ago, were fatal.

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