Debauchery and freedom

By freedom we understand generically the condition by which an individual can decide to act without restrictions, using the will to move towards action, resorting to a free choice of ends and instruments that they consider useful to put it into practice. Whereas by debauchery we understand that it is a licentious and dissolute way of behaving and living.

Freedom should not be confused with debauchery; Libertinism is based on selfishness: I do what satisfies my passions.

 I respect Respect for the person There is no respect for the person
 Regarding freedom Freedom ends where the freedom of the other begins. Abuse of freedom and invasion of the freedom of the other.
 Feelings To be free as long as there is respect for the other. Selfishness. Satisfy your own passions.

What is freedom:

The term freedom means an autonomy of thoughts and actions not subject to restrictions.
The most optimal condition in the end, the one desired by all and widely recognized as a legitimate aspiration of individuals not to be overwhelmed, annulled, etc.

If one has a true respect for freedom, and if its meaning is not distorted, then, and by coherence or completely spontaneous, it is recognized as a right also for others, and here it is possible to conceive that one’s own cannot be. extended or led to others being downsized or altered in unsustainable ways.

So, the need not to turn it into a kind of license to do the opposite of everything, where our steps intersect with others, feels that I believe in a natural way if precisely we are really respectful of the importance of being free.

We live in a more complete autonomy in the staff, when we have to respond only to ourselves and, therefore, others are not involved in our choices, etc., but there is still a response, to our own values ​​or criteria, etc. ., to be understood, we say to our own conscience

It is clear that it can only be the most satisfactory condition that will also be created in the social sphere, with the attention that is required not to step on the feet of the other and, therefore, within the limits of what is reasonable.

Trace these boundaries honestly so that everyone can take them seriously, even if they are not always shared, but rather share the intentions to protect everyone’s freedom.
Of course, freedom and debauchery have no particular connection, at least in my opinion it is so, and it seems obvious to me.

What is debauchery

The word licentiousness is derived from the Latin term “libertus” , which means “individual who transgresses social rules.” This transgression can be sexual, alcohol, drug or various behaviors, behaviors that can lead to different illegal consequences.

We always seek not to distort the meaning of the terms, so for the debauchery we can say it is a lifestyle or a propensity that some have to live in certain spheres of life (generally sex) in a dissolute or unbridled and excessive way , etc. . In other words, an abuse of freedom.
It seems to me that one cannot even tell what the differences are, because it seems to me that freedom and debauchery are on two different levels.
To confuse them is to present us with a different meaning in both and in some way to empty them of the necessary premises of rigor that lead them to represent different and perhaps extremely separate things, different in their substance.

Libertinism and social and moral context

Each person, culture or society has a certain moral and social context that define debauchery in different ways. Thus, in certain countries, homosexuality is considered, for example, debauchery because it does not conform to the moral code of the country’s religion.

Nudism for example for some societies is an act of debauchery , while for others it is simply an expression of freedom.

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