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Gender and sex

The difference between sex and gender is that the former is a concept based on biological characteristics such as the difference in male and female genitalia. Gender, on the other hand, is primarily concerned with personal, social, and cultural perceptions of sexuality. Sex Gender What is it It refers to the physiological differences found between men, women, and

Earthquake and earthquake

Although the words Earthquake and Earthquake are synonymous and refer to the same phenomenon, in popular language they are used to refer to the different types of intensity and magnitude that sudden movements of the earth’s crust have. Below you will find all the necessary information so that you can correctly differentiate these concepts. Earthquake Earthquake Definition An earthquake is

Renewable and non-renewable natural resources

Natural resources are classified into two categories, renewable and non-renewable resources . In the first, all resources that are available in infinite quantity and that can be used over and over again are included, while in the second, resources that are limited and will be extinguished in the future are considered. Renewable resources Nonrenewable resources Definition Renewable resources

Equinox and solstice

As the earth follows an elliptical path around the sun , its inclined axis causes sunlight to reach the earth’s surface at various angles. That is why the length of days and nights is not the same anywhere in the world . Two terms are often used when people discuss this topic: solstice and equinox . This article will explain the difference between them.

Organic and inorganic compounds

The main difference between the two classes of substances is that organic compounds always contain the element carbon, while most inorganic compounds lack this element. Because there are inorganic compounds that contain carbon, the presence of carbon is not enough to classify a compound as organic. With very few exceptions, organic compounds contain carbon atoms attached to hydrogen atoms to form

Lagoon and lake

Water has always been a source of beauty for people in many ways, and everyone loves spending time on beaches, rivers, and other places where there is water. The two terms lake and lagoon are different from each other in a precise way. The main one may be because a lagoon is a place that is separated from the

Acids and bases

The acids and bases are basic compounds for the chemical reactions . They allow to regulate the pH necessary for many reactions to occur or for the conservation of different compounds and microorganisms. If you are interested in chemistry, you cannot fail to know what the differences are between  acids and bases, which, as you will see later, are two sides of the same coin.

Anabolism and catabolism

Anabolism and catabolism: anabolic reactions of catabolic reactions that will help you understand what type of exercises you require most frequently to achieve the desired result. In turn, thanks to this article you will be able to understand more about the functioning of your body and that of many other organisms since the metabolism of any living being is governed

Translational and rotational movement

Welcome readers, here we bring you a new informative article through which you can learn to differentiate the movements of rotation and translation , and in turn, nourish yourself with examples from everyday life in which these movements are carried out and we are not aware of it. In addition, you will find important definitions related to the