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Functions and relationships

Functions and relationships are one of the most important topics in algebra. In most cases, many people tend to confuse the meaning of these two terms. A relation is a correspondence of elements between two sets. A function is a relation where each element of a set (A) corresponds to one and only one element of another set

Circumference and circle

The terms of circle and circumference geometry commonly lead to confusion and generate great doubts when it comes to putting them into practice. While some may think they are synonymous, they are not correct. Next, we will explain the differences between circumference and circle , and we will also leave you a lot of extra information so that you

Types of triangles

Everyone in our lives has heard about or studied about triangles . Within the mathematical sciences , geometry is studied , this branch involves the study of geometric figures , where triangles are included. Geometry is a very useful knowledge for several reasons, among them it is the fundamental basis for technical drawings, planning of works and constructions. It is always good to refresh knowledge acquired

Types of angles

Although we may not realize it, we constantly encounter angles in our daily lives. We always see them around us, from the space between our fingers, even when we cross the road or enter the rooms of our houses, schools and offices. To get an understanding of what angles are and what types are , keep reading our informative