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Cocoa and cocoa

Cocoa and cocoa are ingredients used to prepare chocolate. Cocoa is the unprocessed fruit, while cocoa is a powder that is obtained after subjecting cocoa to industrial processes. The difference between the two lies in their origin: cocoa is natural, cocoa is a by-product obtained from cocoa. Cacao Cocoa Definition Common name of the Theobroma cacao plant , its

Pastry and confectionery

Pastry is the art of making cakes and desserts with sophisticated ingredients, techniques and resources. It also refers to the place where these products are made and sold. The confectionery is the preparation of cakes, desserts or traditional sweet dishes, with daily or seasonal ingredients, and that does not require technical or professional training to prepare

Tea and infusion

Tea is the common name of a plant called Camellia sinensis, of Chinese origin. It is also the name of the drink that is obtained from the infusion of said plant in hot water. Tea is characterized by its particular way of preparation, which includes utensils such as an infuser and a teapot. It is also the name of the

Types of beer

There are two main types of beer according to their level of fermentation: Ale (high fermentation). Lager (low fermentation). There are also other classifications that take care of the brewing ingredients or some particular characteristic of the process, such as hybrid beers. On the other hand, the types of craft beer also respond to the previous classifications. What varies in this case

Types of tea

There are only 6 types of tea in the world: white, green, yellow, Oolong , black and the dark teas or post-fermented teas. The differences between each have to do with the manufacturing methods to which their leaves are subjected, but they all come from the same plant: Camellia sinensis . Although there is some confusion regarding the types of tea that

Tuber, tuberous root and bulb

Tubers, tuberous roots, and bulbs differ depending on the part of the plant in which they store energy. In tubers , the nutrient reserve organ is the stem, as in potatoes and yams. In tuberous roots , nutrients are stored in their roots, as in carrots and beets. In the case of the bulb , the stem also functions as a

Fruit and vegetable

A fruit is the fruit, the fruit, the seed or the fleshy parts of the flower organs of a plant that have reached an adequate degree of maturity. A vegetable is a group of vegetables in which the edible part is the green organs, leaves, stems or inflorescences and the unripe fruits and seeds of legumes. Fruit Vegetables Definition Any